Litigation Support

Litigation SupportLitigation support using auditing and accounting techniques

When you see the term “forensic” it might cause you to think of today’s popular TV crime shows such a “ CSI” or “NCIS” where investigators use DNA, blood stains, fingerprints, and photos of the crime scene to solve a murder or other crime committed against a person.

Like criminal investigators, the specialty known as forensic accounting combines accounting and auditing standards and procedures plus good investigative skills to assist in cases, either civil or criminal, where property is involved. Examples of cases that may involve the services of a forensic accountant are securities and insurance fraud and embezzlement, to name a few. Forensic accountants are often called upon to take part in legal proceedings by providing evidence necessary in the resolution of a case or to give testimony as an expert witness.

Litigation Support refers to cases that require forensic accounting in legal disputes involving the calculation and estimation of economic damages. Cases involving divorce and support issues that arise due to marital dissolution or a lawsuit resulting from a breach of contract are examples of cases that require the services of a forensic accountant.

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The accounting firm of Zivetz, Schwartz and Saltsman, in business since 1969, specializes in the field of forensic accounting, providing services to the legal community in the Greater Los Angeles area as well as to federal and California state courts. Their staff of licensed CPA’s are experts in providing litigation support as forensic accountants and serving as expert witnesses in cases involving family law, business valuations, and economic disputes and damages.

Zivetz, Schwartz, and Saltsman are committed to providing their clients with the highest quality of customer service. The firm’s team of professionals are members in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the California Society of Certified Public Accountants as well as the Institute of Business Appraisers. In addition, the staff of Zivetz, Schwartz, and Saltsman includes a Diplomat of the American Board of Forensic Examiners, a certified valuation analyst, and an accredited business valuator.

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At Zivetz, Schwartz, and Saltsman, we value client relationships and believe in providing close and personal attention to each and every case. The personal assistance that you will receive by our firm’s professional staff is backed by 40 years of advanced training, technical expertise, state-of-the-art computer technology as well as experience in the field of finance. Call today to schedule your consultation.