Financial Forensics

Attorney Courtroom Judge GavelFinancial Forensics: Applying Accounting Principles to Legal Issues

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the term “forensic” is defined as “belonging to, used in, suitable to courts of judicature or to public discussion or debate”. More simply put, “forensic” means “suitable in a court of law.” The speciality that is known as Forensic Accounting combines accounting and auditing with investigative experience to produce an analysis of a case that can be presented in a court of law.

Forensic accountants are often called upon to assist in legal proceedings by giving testimony as expert witnesses or providing evidence that is important to the resolution of a legal issue. Examples of cases that may require the services of a forensic accountant are those that involve insurance claims, fraud, bankruptcy, marital dissolutions and support issues, to name a few. Forensic accountants may be involved in litigation support in which assistance is provided with cases that involve the calculation and estimation of monetary damages. Investigative accounting involves cases of a more criminal nature such as securities or insurance fraud.  

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In addition to having a firm grasp of accounting and auditing standards and procedures, a forensic accountant must also have knowledge in the fields of economics, business information, financial reporting systems, data management and analysis techniques as well as experience in evidence gathering and investigative techniques. Forensic accountants must have a working knowledge of litigation processes and procedures.

The accounting firm of Zivetz, Schwartz and Saltsman, located in Los Angeles, has been serving clients in many diverse industries since it was founded in 1969. Their outstanding team of professionals has been providing forensic accounting services to the Los Angeles area’s legal community as well as to the California state and the Federal court system. The firm of Zivetz, Schwartz, and Saltsman and its professionals specialize in providing litigation support and serve as expert witnesses in cases involving family law matters, business valuations, as well as cases involving economic disputes and damages.

Their experienced staff of CPA’s are all licensed in the state of California and hold memberships in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the California Society of Public Accountants, and the Institute of Business Appraisers.

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