Economic Damage Services

Economic Damages from Divorce, BusinessEconomic damages from your divorce or business dispute? Our CPAs can help

No happy bride or groom anticipates that they will one day experience the dissolution of their marriage. Likewise no optimistic new business owner expects that he or she may eventually face a legal battle with a disgruntled employee or unhappy firm, or will need to initiate legal proceedings him or herself. But events arise, and circumstances change. Despite the best of intentions, you may find yourself in a situation in which you need expert financial help.

A contentious divorce or drawn-out business dispute can do more than wear on your emotional well-being. It can cause considerable and measurable damage to your financial health as well. For this reason, it is crucial that you protect your assets by employing a skilled and objective third party to conduct a full valuation of your business or professional practice. At Zivetz, Schwartz & Saltsman, we specialize in doing just that.

Our experts have decades of experience

With over thirty years of experience in the Greater Los Angeles area, the qualified staff at Zivetz, Schwartz & Saltsman has built a reputation as having some of the very best certified professional accountants that California has to offer. We provide a wide range of services to both individual and business clients, but specialize in forensic accounting and litigation support.

Using accounting and auditing skills, in addition to extensive knowledge of the laws governing financial matters, we can determine both a precise valuation of your business and an accurate assessment of the financial loss or economic damage you have incurred. Furthermore, our experts can predict future damages that may be incurred pursuant to any kind of legal action, using court-accepted methods that help us determine recoverable costs. And we offer something that may be just as valuable: our personal attention and time.

At Zivetz, Schwartz & Saltsman we believe that every client is important, no matter how large or small. We value the relationship our principals forge with each client, and recognize that our success is built on your success. Any you can feel confident in the fact that the service we provide to you is backed by decades of technical training and experience..

Call us when your case demands the best

If you are facing economic damages resulting from a business dispute or divorce, contact Zivetz, Schwartz & Saltsman today, and let our forensic experts help ensure the protection and restoration of your assets. Don’t entrust your future to anyone but the absolute best.