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Expert Witness with AttorneyWe offer expert witness services in financial matters

An expert witness is defined as “a person who is permitted to testify at a trial because of special knowledge or proficiency in a particular field that is relevant to the case.” In business since 1969, the accounting firm of Zivetz, Schwartz, and Saltsman specializes in providing forensic accounting services to the greater Los Angeles area.

A forensic accountant combines skills in accounting and auditing with investigative expertise to analyze and interpret business and financial evidence. The results can be used in a court of law, and the forensic accountant can participate in a trial as an expert witness. The licensed CPA’s at Zivetz, Schwartz, and Saltsman provide services in accounting, business valuation appraisals and serve as expert witnesses.

The firm and its staff of highly-trained professionals serve a diverse clientele, from large, privately-held corporations, the local entertainment industry, and multi-tiered businesses to private individuals. They specialize in providing litigation support in cases involving family law including divorce and support issues, business valuations and those involving economic disputes and damages. The staff at Zivetz, Schwartz, and Saltsman are able to assist in the calculation and documentation of any potential economic loss or damages.

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The professionals at Zivetz, Schwartz and Saltsman have a great deal of experience and are highly credentialed in valuation, providing accurate financial assessments and analysis as well as business valuations. The firm’s highly-qualified staff hold membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the California Society of Public Accountants, and the Institute of Business Appraisers. In addition, their CPA’s are licensed in the state of California and the staff includes a certified valuation analyst, an accredited business valuator, as well as a Diplomat Of the American Board of Forensic Examiners.

At Zivetz, Schwartz and Saltsman we take pride in the time and resources that we invest in continuing professional education, state-of-the-art computer technology and the development of extensive business relationships as proof of our commitment to providing each and every client with the vital support services that are necessary to meet their individual needs.

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If you become involved in some form of litigation, it can be an overwhelming as well as an intimidating experience. You need to engage the services of a firm that is committed to giving its clients close, personalized attention backed by 40 years of experience providing expert service to the Los Angeles legal community as well as to federal and California state courts. Call to schedule your consultation today.